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მათი ვერტმფრენი

22' 2006

This is a gentle and slightly absurdist documentary about the Ardoteli family in the mountains of Georgia who discovered that a Chechen helicopter carrying cheese had crashed by their house. Dropped into the life of this family, a helicopter is gradually enfolded into their daily rhythms, transformed into something utterly unexpected. In this land free of electric cables, cows find a shelter and children set up their private playground in it. Patient observations through the rusted “eyes” of this helicopter unfold a story of a remote place exposed to just one piece of civilization.

watch the film here

Directed and edited by Salomé Jashi

Filmed by Tato Kotetishvili

Sound by Irakli Metreveli and Salomé Jashi

Royal Holloway, University of London


Main Award. DOCSDF International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City. 2007

Best Cinematography. Cronograph - Chisinau International Documentary Film Festival 2007

          Other selected screenings

International Film Festival Rotterdam

DOK Leipzig

Cinema du Réel


Royal Holloway, University of London. One World Media

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