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12' 2006

documentary / experimental

The 2008 Georgia-Russia War resulted in the deaths of several hundred people and expulsion of tens of thousands from South Ossetia. Is there a way to show the tragedy of families that lost their loved ones, thousands of people forced to leave their homes, soldiers doing the fighting, and children who cannot comprehend the situation? Salomé Jashi answers this question in a way that leaves few apathetic, though the horrors of war are never visible on the screen. Her short film is based on an interesting formula of making the audience witness to a tragedy it never sees.

watch the film here

Produced by Sakdoc Film and Artefact production

Directed by Salomé Jashi

Filmed by Tato Kotetishvili

Sound Nika Paniashvili

Speechless is part of the documentary film series ’10 Minutes of Democracy’


Georgian National Film Center, Open Society – Georgia Foundation and British Council

          Festivals and Exhibitions

Message to Men. St. Petersberg. 2019

Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi. As part of the exhibition ‘A fragment of Time which is not Recorded’. April-May 2011

International Experimental Film Festival. Bucharest. 2010

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival. Australia. 2010

Tbilisi International Film Festival. 2009

WATCH DOCS human rights in film. Warsaw. 2009

Ro-IFF, Romania. 2009

Bolzano Film Festival. 2009

Jihlava International Film Festival. 2009

DocumentART – Germany/Poland. 2009

DocuDays International Documentary Film Festival Human Rights. Kiev. 2009

One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. Prague. 2009


Review by Tue Steen Müller

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