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58' 2011

A journey into a lively but rotting building in a provincial Georgian town. It once used to be a hotel called ‘Bakhmaro’. At the center of the building is a restaurant whose walls are covered with bright green and orange plastic foam and where tables are set, waiting for customers – who rarely come. A Chinese shop, a slot machines and a political party office can also be found here. The building is a microcosm intruded by the constant anticipation of change. It is a model of this troubled country with its endless demonstrations and opposition rallies. On the backdrop of political events, somehow, all of life is here.

film accessible in Georgian here

Directed and filmed by Salomé Jashi

Sound by Davit Sikharulidze

Editing by Derek Howard

Sound design and mix  byPaata Godziashvili

Produced by Anna Dziaphipa and Heino Deckert

Sakdoc Film and filmproduktion


photos by Anka Gujabidze


Special Mention. DOK Leipzig. 2011

Main Award for Best Central and Eastern European Film. Jihlava IDFF 2011
Special Mention. Golden Aprticot International Film Festival, Yerevan. 2012


Asia Pacific Screen Awards. 2011
Silver Eye Awards. Jihlava IDFF, Czechia . 2011


Arte, MDR, YLE (Finland), IKON, Estonian Public Broadcaster, Georgian Public Broadcaster


Göteborg Film Fund, Georgian National Film Center, European Cultural Foundation, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MDR/Arte, YLE, Taso - Women's Fund

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